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Afmetingen345 x 230 (228 x 149) mm Vertaal
AnnotatieDonated to the Utrecht University in 1749 by Henricus Sewllengrebel, governor of the Dutch Cape colony in South-Africa, through his son Johannes Willem, student at Utrecht University.
On second flyleaf: Hunc Alcoranum Arabicum manu scriptum illustri Academia Trajectinae, nomine patris Henrici Swellengrebel, Gubernatus Promontorii Bona Spei, donat et offert 17. Februarii 1749. Johannes Willem Swellengrebel.
Believed to be the eldest Quran of South-Africa.
Also known as Koran van Swellengrebel.
On the first page a citation from Sura 2 with an admonition to the unbeliever; on the last page a likewise admonition from Sura 14-15.
On inside a seal in red sealing-wax.
Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs. 1431 (Hs 3 A 1).
Bound in red Morocco, tooled in gilt.
Bound in red Morocco, tooled in gilt.
P.A. Tiele, Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae Universitatis Rheno-Trajectinae. I. Trajecti ad Rhenum / Hagae Comitis 1887. P. 338.
Bound in red Morocco, tooled in gilt.
LocatieUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtVertaal
SignatuurHSS: Hs 3 A 1 folVertaal