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TitelCollection of Coptic manuscripts.Vertaal
AnnotatiePreliminary title.
Also known as Schmidt Collection.
Fragments, containing mostly early Christian texts e.g. bible texts, psalms, apocrypha, lives of saints and martyrs.
Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs. Collection Coptic.
Acquired on 7 January 1956 from the estate of the German Coptologist Prof. Carl Schmidt (1868-1938). The collection was bought by Prof. Gilles Quispel (1916-2006) form Mrs. Dr. G. Kunta-Schmidt, a niece of Prof. Carl Schmidt, on behalf of Utrecht University Library.
Roelof van den Broek, Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts in the Utrecht University Library, Utrecht, 2017.
Estate Prof. Carl Schmidt; Purchase; 19560107.
Estate Prof. Carl Schmidt; Purchase; 19560107.
LocatieUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtVertaal
SignatuurHSS: Hs Collection CopticVertaal