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TitelA treatise on horse-shoeing and lameness Vertaal
ImpressumLondon : Longmans, Green, and Co.,Vertaal
Techniekill. Vertaal
Afmetingen23 cm Vertaal
AnnotatieAlso available in online version. Vertaal
CommentaarPART I. THE FOOT, AND SHOEING. Introduction...... CHAPTER I. Historical Observations OHAPTEE II. The Foot—Its Form and Function CHAPTER III. Preparing the Foot ..... CHAPTER IV. On Making Horse-shoes .... CHAPTER V. On Clips, Calkins, and Toe-pieces CHAPTER VI. On Fitting Horse-shoes ... CHAFTER VII. Nails, Nailing, and Finishing .... CHAPTER VIII Shoeing Horses for the Field and the Turf , CHAPTER IX. On Plating Race-horses . CHAPTER X. Frost-sharping, or Roughing Shoes . 161 169 PAET II. ON LAMENESS. I. Preliminary Observations on Lameness . . 179 II. Observations on the Frequency op Lameness in Edinburgh, Birmingham, London, and Paris . 182 III. Description op some op the Pathological Con- ditions op Horses' Feet, commonly present in the Various Stages op Chronic Lameness . 194 IV. Special Causes op Lameness . . . . , 256 V. On Hoop-Ointment . . . . ... 285 <» VI. Health op Horses, regarded in its Relation to Appections op the Feet . . . . 293Vertaal
LocatieUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtVertaal
SignatuurMM 06846Vertaal