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TitelA new system of shoeing horses: with an account of the various modes practised by different nations; more particularly a comparison between the English and French methods; and observations on the diseases of the feet, connected with shoeing.Vertaal
ImpressumLondon, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and GreenVertaal
Techniek12 plates (including frontispiece) Vertaal
Afmetingen22 cm Vertaal
AnnotatieIntroduction -- General Observations on the Structure of the Foot -- On Perfect Hoofs -- On Imperfect Hoofs -- On Contraction -- On Thrush -- On Corns -- On Sand Cracks -- On Pumiced Feet or Convex Soles -- On Soles unnaturally Concave -- On Founder -- On Fever in the Feet -- On the Nerve Operation -- Observations on some of the Tools used by Shoeing Smiths -- On the ordinary Methods of Shoeing Horses in England -- On the Seated Shoe -- On Professor Coleman’s System of Shoeing -- On Mr. Bracy Clark’s System of Shoeing -- On the French System -- On the Persian and other Foreign Systems -- On the French Shoe modified -- On Bar Shoes -- On the Patten Shoe -- On Screw Shoes -- On Grass Shoes, or Tips -- On Shoes with Moveable Toes -- On the Hunting Shoe -- On the Racing Shoe, or Plate -- On Fullering -- On Punching -- On Frosting -- On Nails -- On Nailing -- On the Patent malleable Cast-Iron Horse-Shoes -- Paving Stalls, Gratings, &c. -- On the Management of Feet in the Stable -- On the cutting Shoe and Boot -- On Water and Poultice Boots -- On Shoeing Smiths -- On the Concave-seated Shoe. Vertaal
SignatuurODJ 7275Vertaal