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TitleThe gentleman's farriery: or, a practical treatise on the diseases of horses : wherein the best writers on that subject have been consulted, and M. La Fosse's method of trepanning glandered horses is particularly considered and improved : also a new method of nicking horses is recommended; with a copper-plate and description of the machine : to which is added an appendix, treating, 1. Of particular disorders of the feet. 2. Observations on shoeing horses. With proper cuts Translate
AuthorBartlet, John,Translate
EditionThe 7th ed., rev.Translate
ImprintLondon : printed for J. Nourse, Hawes, Clark, and Collins, ... and J. Pote at EtonTranslate
Size19 cm. Translate
Notexiii als xii, xxii als xxiii, 114 als 411, 142 als140, 319 als 316,Translate
AnnotationFred Smith. The early history of veterinary literature. Vol. 2, p. 72 Translate
Comment"I. SOME General Directions in regard to Horses. Page i II. Some general Directions in regard to Bleeding, Purging, &c. i1 III Of Colds. 25 IV. Of Fevers in general. 31 V. Of a Pleurisy, and Inflammation of the Lungs, &V. 51 VI. Of a Cough and Asthma. 59 VII. Of a Broken-Wind. 68 VIII. Of a Consumption. 76 IX. Of an Apoplexy, or Staggers, Con- vulfive Disorders, Lethargy, Epi- lepsy, and Palsy. 78 X. Of the Strangles, and Vives. 95XI. Of the Diseases of the Eyes. 100 XII. Of the Glanders. 114 XIII. Of the Cholic, or Gripes, and Pains in the Bowels, from sudden Accidents. 133 XIV. Of the Lax and Scouring, with other Disorders of the Sto- mach and Bowels. 143 XV. Of Worms and Bots. 150 XVI. Of the Yellows, or' Jaundice. 156 XVII. Of the Disorders of the Kid- neys and Bladder. 159 XVIII. Of Molten Grease. 167 XIX. Of Surfeits, Mange, and Hide- Bound. 170 XX. Of the Farcin, or Farcy, and Dropsical Disorders. 178 XXI. Of Alterative Medicines. 197 XXII. Of Humours. 213 XXIII. Of Rowelling. 220 XXIV. Of Strains in Various Parts. 224 XXV. Of Tumours and Impos- thumes. 236 Chap.XXVI. Of Wounds in General 246 XXVII. Of Ulcers in General. 252 XXVIil. Of a Bone-Spavin. 257 XXIX. Of a Curb and Ring-Bone. 262 XXX. OfSplents. 265 XXXI. Of the Poll-Evil. 268 XXXII. Of a Fiftula, and Bruises on the Withers-, Warbles on the Back, and Sit-Fafts. 272 XXXIII. Of Wind Galls, Blood, and Bog-Spavins. 276 XXXIV. Of Mallenders and Sallenders. 281 XXXV. Of Lampas, Barbs, and Wolves Teeth. 282 XXXVI. Of the Greale. 284 XXXVII. Of Scratches, Crown-Scabs, Rat-Tails, and Capellets. 294 XXXVIII. Of the Diseafes of the Feet: Narrow Heels and Bind- ing of the Hoof, &c. 299 XXXIX. Of Sand-Cracks and Quittors. 302 Chap.Chap. XL. Of Wounds in the Feet, from Naiis, Gravel, &c. 305 XLI. Of the Running-Thrush, and Canker, and Lois of Hoof. 312 XLII. Of Venomous Bites from Vipers and Mad Dogs. 316 XLIIL Of Gelding, Docking, and Nick, ing of Horses. 321 XLIV. Of Ruptures, Anticor, Colt-Evil, or Gonorrhoea, and Diseases of the Mouth. 233 APPENDIX. I. Of particular Disorders of the Feet. 342 II. Reflections on shoeing Horses. 352 "Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call numberODA 6088Translate
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