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TitleAemilii & Jacobi Rosendaliorum Epistolae & diversorum ad eosdem.Translate
AuthorRosendael, Amelis van,Translate
Imprint[Various places of production]Translate
Size38 x 27 x 13 cm Translate
AnnotationOriginally all letters were bound in one binding. In 1968 the letters were restored by Oellers in Valkenburg. On that occasion they were taken from the binding. The letters are kept in the original order in 30 portfolios, 16 of them loose in the original binding and 14 in a modern binding. Fol. 5-283. Letters by and to Amelis and Jacob van Rosendael -- fol. 284-412. 102 letters by John Morris to Joannes de Laet -- fol. 413-441. 14 letters by Ant. Louverius Real to Jan Jacobsz. van Rosendael. Collection of documents, mostly letters, the greater part original but some transcribed. Includes also poems and theses. Fol. 5-283 contain, apart from letters by Amelis, Jacob and Jan Jacobsz. van Rosendael, 1 letter (including poems) by Paulus and Theodorus (Dirck) Traudenius, 1 letter by Jan Jacobsz. van Rosendael, 1 letter by Wernard, count of Ostfriesland, dated 1616, 1 letter by Franco Duyck, a poem by Dominicus Baudius, 1 letter by Jan Verdoes from Archangel, dated 1596, 1 letter by Gualter Verdoes, 1 letter by Leon. Voochd, 1 letter by Gualt. Bruno Ronssaeus, 13 letters (8 original, 5 transcribed) by Justus Lipisius, 4 letters by Otto Heurnius, 1 letter by Franciscus Raphelengius, 40 letters (including poems) by Janus Gruterus, 1 letter by Rudolphus Snellius, 11 letters by Willebrordus Snellius, 5 letters (including poems) by Lamb. Copperus, 9 letters (including poems) by Sim. de Lange, 6 letters (including poems) by Flor. Th. Schoonhovius, 1 letter by Hadr. Cornelii medicus, 1 letter by Eduard Poppius, 1 letter by J. Chrie. Fol. 284-412 contain, apart from 102 letters by John Morris to Joannes de Laet, 1 letter by Thomas Rowe, dated 1641 and 2 letters dated 1642 by Georg Rudolf Weckherlin. Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs. 986 (Hs 7 A 26). Contemporary parchment binding over pasteboards. P.A. Tiele, Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae Universitatis Rheno-Trajectinae. I. Trajecti ad Rhenum / Hagae Comitis 1887. P. 236-237 M.J.A.M. Ahsmann, Collegia en colleges. Juridisch onderwijs aan de Leidse Universiteit 1575-1630 in het bijzonder het disputeren. Dissertatie Leiden. Groningen 1990. p. 47, 57, 61-63, 252, 281-282, 314-315, 506, 570, 577 (met afb. van f. 102). J.A.F. Bekkers, The correspondence of John Morris with Johannes de Laet. Dissertatie Nijmegen. Nijmegen 1970. (Uitgave van de 102 brieven van John Morris: fol. 284-412). T.A. Birrell, The library of John Morris. The reconstruction of a Seventeenth-century collection. London 1976. pl. 1 (fol. 290r, zonder verder commentaar). [Hulshof 1918 MM] p. XX nr. 35a-b, pl. 35a-b [fol. 54r, 92r]. J. van Vloten, 'Twee brieven van een Hollandsch koopvaarder [Joannes Verdoesius] uit Archangel, in 1595 [aan Aemilius Rosendalius]', in: Tijdschrift voor staathuishoudkunde en statistiek 21 (1861), p. 316-321. p. 316-321 (uitgave van deze twee brieven). restoration; 1986; Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call numberHSS: Hs 7 A 26 folTranslate
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