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TitelCorrespondence between various people from Utrecht (Netherlands)Vertaal
Impressum[Various places of manufacture and production],Vertaal
Jaar[between 1608-1788]Vertaal
Afmetingenvarying sizes, approximately 280 x 200 mm on sheets 330 x 225 or smaller Vertaal
AnnotatieLetter from Jacob van der Voort to Aernout van Buchell, 9 Feb. 1608 -- Letter from Jacobus Janssonius to Dr. Andreas Trevisius -- Letter from D. Ivoy to P.H.J. Ivoy -- Obituary notice addressed to P.H.J. Ivoy, concerning the death of Hillegonda Anna dowager baroness van Capellen-Bentinck, Appeltern 5. July 1785 -- Obituary notice addressed to P.H.J. Ivoy, concerning the death of Sophia Johanna Frederica Hoffmann , Amsterdam 7 December 1787 -- Letter of complaint from P.H.J. Ivoy to the Provincial States of Utrecht, Amersfoort 16 July 1787, with an account of the judicial hearing of his case at the court of Utrecht, 24 January 1788. Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs. 1867 (Hs 6 D 22 fol). Letters in Dutch, Latin and French. In portfolio. [A. Hulshof], Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae Universitatis Rheno-Traiectinae. II. Traiecti ad Rhenum 1909. p. 240. Vertaal
LocatieUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtVertaal
SignatuurHSS: Hs 6 D 22 folVertaal