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Nieuwe kaart van het Dykgraafschap van Dregterland

On 30 May 1775, the Board of Dijkgraven and Hoogheemraden of Drechterland decided to have this survey map made. With the exception of new measurements of the sea dyke, no fieldwork preceded this edition. The engraver therefore derived the topography mainly from existing maps. The basic material included the eight-page 'Nieuwe kaarte van het Dyckgraafschap van Dregterland', published in 1723, or its re-edition of 1743. The mapping was done by teacher and mathematician Govert Oostwoud (1671-1723).

The new measurements of the sea dyke and the depths of the water off the coast were made by the former secretary of Drechterland, Joannes Pool, his son Teunis and the verger Jacob Groes. The resulting manuscript map in five sheets is now in the Westfries Archives in Hoorn.

Just like the previous survey map of 1723, the children of Govert Oostwoud dedicate the map to the dike board. The engraver, who has remained anonymous to date, has taken over not only the map inside the dike, but also the text in the title cartouche, almost word for word. Some proofs of this map are in the possession of the Westfries Archive. On these, the text in the cartouches is missing.