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TitleHistoria Griseldis.Translate
AuthorPetrarca, Francesco,Translate
ImprintCologne : Ulrich ZelTranslate
PublisherZell, UlrichTranslate
Yearapproximately 1469.Translate
Size21 cm Translate
AnnotationLatin paraphrase of the tale in Boccaccio's Decameron. Originally Petrarch's Epistolae seniles, XVII, 3. Leaf [1a]: Epistola d[omi]ni. Francisci Petrarche. Laureate poete. ad D[ominum] Iohe[ne]m. Florentinu[m]. poetam. De Historia. Griseldis. mulieris maxime co[n]stantie et patie[n]tie. In preconium ominu[m] laudabilium mulieru[m]. Leaf [11b]: Explicit Epistola d[omin]i Fra[n]cis-petrarche laureati poete. ad d[ominu]m Johe[nem] florentinu[m] poeta[m] de co[n]sta[n]tie et patientie. in p[re]coni[um] o[mniu]m laudabiliu[m] mulierum. Signatures: unsigned [a¹²]. 27 lines, 146 x 84 cm. Capital spaces; capitals, paragraph-marks, initial-strokes, and underlines supplied in red. Fowler, M. Petrarch, p. 48, Pet K 472a Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call numberMAG: E qu 113 (Rariora) dl 8Translate
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