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TitleThe horse, as comrade and friend ...Translate
AuthorCalthrop, Everard Richard.Translate
ImprintLondon Hutchinson & Co.Translate
Techniquefrontispiece, plates Translate
Size8vo Translate
AnnotationFrontispiece and plates printed on both sides. Translate
CommentCONTENTS Ml FOREWORD 1 Chap. I. Basic Principles of Handling and Training II. Bringing the Wild Horse tjp FROM PASTURE III. The First Handling IV. The Second Handling V. Training to Saddle VI. Handling in the Stable VII. Training for Riding VIII. Training for Riding (Gon.) IX. Training for Riding (Gon.) X. Training for Riding (Gon.) XI. Training for Jumping . XII. Training for Drivlng . XIII. The Most Wonderful Thing in the World XIV. Two Mysteries Afterword . LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Eohan, aged 10 and 23 - - - - Pre-Frontispiece Eohan, from the Water Colour Portrait by the Author Frontispiece , , To face page Eohan and Maepbgokby, 1916; and Eohan in 1906 - 14 Eohan in 1906; with some of his descendants in 1912; and with one of his sons...... 15 Fathee on Fathee, and Son on Bon ; Playmates in the Paddock........ 36 Playing at " Wild Injuns " ; Betty on Kitty VIII., and Ibis on Eohan....... 37 Legsteap and its Application, Figs. I. and II. - - 46 How to Handle a Foal.....52 and 53 Maezouk in 1906........ 64 Fitz, a battle-scarred hero, who served through the Palestine and Senussi Campaigns 65 Paeis Omnibus, with team of three Peroheron stalliona; and six Percheron stallions pulling 20 tons up a heavy gradiënt........ 80 Heavy Dbaught Peeoheeon Stallions in Paeis - - 81 Gladys Calthbop and Skewbald Filly 92 Maeladi and Swan ; Eohan's Last Gift and the two Eomabsandos........ 93 Mabpegobby and Musket at Play - - 104 and 105 Eo-Akbae's Antics........ 120 Eotunda I. and Eotunda II.; sisters who could not be parted - ....... 121 Maesanda as a Chestnut Filly and a Gbey Maeb - 136 Mabsanda's Chestnut Filly Foal, and Eohan's Last Gift, with training headstalls - - • - - 137 Jumping an Invisible Fence.....- 150 Is this a Unique Occubbence?..... 151 Teaching Eosanda II. to jump in hand - - - 152 Eosanda II. (13 h. 3 in.) jumping 6 ft. and 6 ft. 3 in. - " 153 Eotund and the Boy Scouts..... 192 The Zebea Stbiping of Foals..... 193 The Bibth of a Foal .... 200, 201 and 212 Eotund II. and Lynton, with Sam Up 213 The Watee whebe Windeemebe Died ; Mafia and her filly foal, Mabmafia....... 238 The Black " Guabdian Angel " Pabachute - - 239Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call numberASK 3544Translate
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