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TitelCyrurgie Vertaal
Impressum[Southern Netherlands],Vertaal
Jaar[c. 1420-1430]Vertaal
Techniekdrawings Vertaal
Afmetingen292 x 210 mm. Vertaal
AnnotatieLocalisation based on the style of the decoration. Translated from the Latin. Confiscated c. 1794 by the French occupying forces in Limburg and rediscovered in Maastricht in 1839, acquired as part of the collection Maastricht. Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs. 1356 (hs 5 C 14). The surviving manuscripts and incunables from medieval Belgian libraries. Brussel 2009 (= Corpus catalogorum Belgii. The medieval booklists of the southern Low Countries 7) p. 250 nr. 3300. Vertaal
LocatieUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtVertaal
SignatuurHSS: Hs 5 C 14 folVertaal