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TitleEn damus tibi christianissime lector, Commentaria Bibliorum et illa brevia quidem ac catholica, eruditissimi simul ac pijssimi uiri Chuonradi Pellicani Rubeaquensis, qui & Vulgatam commentarijs inseruit aeditionem, sed ad Hebraicam lectionem accurate emendatam. Habes autem in hoc opere quicquid syncerae theologiae est. Ideoque si sapis ex ipso potius Sacrorum fonte, quàm riuulis Religionem ueram imbibe.Translate
ImprintTiguri : Apud Christophorum Froschouerum,Translate
YearM.D.XXXVI-M.D.XL. [1536-1540]Translate
Size33 cm (folio) Translate
AnnotationTitle of tome 6 in colophon: Commentarium in evangelium juxta Matthaeum, Joannem, Marcum, Lucam, & Acta Apost. I. II. III. IV. V. [VI]. [VII]. [VIII]. Adams, H.M. Catalogue of books printed on the continent of Europe, 1501-1600, in Cambridge libraries, P 595 Konrad Pellikan's commentary on the Old Testament. Of Franciscan monastic background, Pellikan was an early follower of Luther, and heavily influenced by Erasmus of Rotterdam. He learned Hebrew from Johann Reuchlin, was the first Christian to publish a Hebrew grammar (in 1501), and was the teacher of Sebastian Münster, one of the greatest Christian Hebraists of the sixteenth century. Pellikan is known mostly as a Hebraist, and Biblical interpreter. Translate
CommentDeel 5 van 5. Dit deel van de serie is vanwege de paginering en het aantal pagina's in meerdere delen gesplitst.Translate
CommentPart 5 of 5. This part of the series has been split into multiple parts due to the page numbering and large pagecount.Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call number108 F 10 dl 5Translate