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TitleBiblia Vulgata.Translate
ImprintUtrecht : MariakerkTranslate
Techniquepenwork initials Translate
Size208-210 x 153-155 mm (283 x approximately 190 mm) Translate
Notefol. 288 ontbreekt door foute foliëring.Translate
AnnotationKnown as Mariabijbel or Mariakerkbijbel. Volume 2 of a two-volume Bible, now missing at least a quire with Psalms 1-147 and single leaves after f. 19v with Ecclesiastes 10:4-12 and Song of Songs 1:1-10; after f. 29v with Wisdom 18:16-19 and the beginning of the prologue to Ecclesiasticus; after f. 52v with the conclusion of Ecclesiasticus (part of the Prayer of Salomon) and the prologue and Isaiah 1:1-10; and after f. 209v with 1 Maccabees 16:11-24, 2 Maccabees 1:1-27. Written by at least two scribes in a cursive gothic bookhand without loops (an informal hybrida script) in two colums of 39 lines (scribe one), and beginning on f. 222 in two columns of 47-42 lines (scribe two). First and last two leaves are modern. Copied at the Collegiate Church of St. Mary in Utrecht, the Mariakerk, in 1463 by a scribe who identifies himself as "Iohannis de Tremonia" in the colophon to the Old Testament on f. 221v: "Ffinitus et completus est liber iste per manus Johan(n)is de Tremo(n)ia scholarium rectoris Ecc(les)ie beate marie traiectensis sub a(nn)o domini 1463 Sabb(at)o ante dominicam letare." Cite as: Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Hs 35 A 3 Purchase; 20200306 Belonged to Reverend John Cohen Jackson (c. 1827-1895), schoolmaster and antiquarian book collector; his ownership inscription on f. iii, "Sum Liber Iohan. C. Iackson". To Matthew Holbeche Bloxam (1805-1888), of Rugby, England. He bequeathed his collection of books and manuscripts to the Rugby School library; his ownership inscription dated 1857 on f. iii; front flyleaf f. xxiv, "Manuscript Copy of the Vulgate ..., Rugby School Library, The Gift of Matthew Holbeche Bloxam on this 78th Birthday, 12th May 1883". To Arnold Library, Rugby School; bookplate inside front cover, where it was Bloxam MS 1007; their library stamp, front fly leaf f. iii, with a brief typed description in English glued in Eighteenth-century brown leather binding over pasteboard, rebacked and restored, fore-edges speckled red, spine tooled in gilt with leather label, "Biblia Vulgate/ MSS"18th-century boards, worn at the edges, but in very sound condition. Dimensions 285 x 200 mm Bénédictins du Bouveret. Colophons de manuscrits occidentaux des origines au xvi siècle, Spicilegii friburgensis subsidia 2-7, Fribourg, 1965-1982. Bruyne, Donatien de. Summaries, divisions and rubrics of the Latin Bible, Studia traditionis theologiae 18, Turnhout, 2014 [Originally published as: Sommaires, divisions et rubriques de la Bible latine, Namur, 1914]. Churchill, W. Watermarks in Paper in Holland, England, France, etc. in the XVII and XVIII Centuries and Their Interconnection, Amsterdam, 1935. De Hamel, Christopher. Bibles: An Illustrated History from Papyrus to Print. Oxford, 2011. De Hamel, Christopher. The Book: A History of the Bible, London and New York, 2001. Gerritsen-Geywitz, G. Het Utrechtse draakje en zijn entourage : Vijftien penwerkstijlen in Utrechtse handschriften en gedrukte boeken uit de tweede helft van de vijftiende eeuw, Middeleeuwse studies en bronnen 168, Hilversum, 2017. Greitmann, N. De windesheimische vulgaatrevisie in de vijftiende eeuw, Hilversum, 1937. Groot, Arie de. "Pieter Saenredam's Views of Utrecht Churches and the Question of their Reliability," in Pieter Saenredam, the Utrecht work: Paintings and Drawings by the 17th-century Master of Perspective, ed. Liesbeth Helmus, Los Angeles, 2002, pp. 17-50 Haverkate, H. and C. Peet. Een kerk van papier : De geschiedenis van de voormalige Mariakerk te Utrecht, Clavis kleine kunsthistorische monografieën 2, Zutphen, 1985. Heawood, E. Watermarks, Mainly of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Monumenta chartæ papyraceæ historiam illustrantia 1), Hilversum, Holland, 1950. Horst, K. Illuminated and decorated medieval manuscripts in the University Library, Utrecht: An illustrated catalogue, Cambridge and New York, 1989. Ker, N.R. and A.J. Piper. Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, vol. 4, Paisley-York, Oxford, 1992, pp. 221-222 (MS Bloxam 1007). Marrow, James, Henri Defoer, Anne Korteweg, Wilhelmina Wüstefeld. The Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, English edition, Stuttgart, 1989. Nishimura, Margot McIlwain. Important Illuminated manuscripts, Bruce Ferrini and Les Enluminures, Akron, Ohio and Paris, 2000. Nuovo, Angela. The Book Trade in the Italian Renaissance, trans. Lydia Cochrane, Leiden and Boston, 2013. Parkes, Malcolm. The Medieval Manuscripts of Keble College, Oxford: A Descriptive Catalogue with Summary Descriptions of the Greek and Oriental Manuscripts, London, 1979. Quentin, Henri. Mémoire sur l'établissement du texte de la Vulgate, Collectanea biblica latina 6, Rome, 1922. Translate
Commentfol. 288 ontbreekt door foute foliëring.Translate
Commentfol. 288 missing due to manual foliation.Translate
LocationUniversiteitsbibliotheek UtrechtTranslate
Call numberHs 35 A 3Translate
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